We live in a generation where we are all said to be equal, and most of us believe that. But how can you be equal to someone you look down on? Are you really better than the next? Matter fact, what exactly is ‘better’? Seeing as to how your ‘better’ might be ‘worse’ to the next!.

                                    – Leku!.

Life Is A Craft!.

Where there is a violin busker there are two types of audiences. Those that feel absolutely no sense of excitement because of how effortless he plays the instrument, and those that are curious to know how it is he plays it oh so perfectly. I mean a violin is just 4 strings with different densities slapped onto a piece of weirdly shaped hollow wood, where the bow is drawn across the strings to project sound. So I mean what could possibly be so mind-blowing about a violin player right?

We neglect the fact that discipline first and foremost goes into every skill known to man kind. As we’ve all probably heard, life is a journey. But within it basks numerous sub journeys such as the journey to education, as well as the journey to achieving any goal we set for ourselves. The hardest part of every journey is the starting point, because as human beings we are strongly prone to procrastination. “Tomorrow” and “Later” are among some of our favorite and most popular excuses. That alone solidifies the importance of discipline in achieving ultimate freedom. After that, comes the discipline of maintaining a routine to enable us to practice the skills that will get us closer and closer to the finishing line.

Understanding something is tremendously different to mastering it. We all know the bigger picture of how a violin works, but I can tell you from experience that it is an instrument that demands a great deal of precision. The pressure applied onto the strings with the bow, where exactly to place your finger on the string, the accuracy of your vibrato and much more.  Mastering those techniques to the point where one is utterly fluent is the greatest freedom you can obtain when learning anything because then you can more easily stray from the formal structure onto improvization. Now imagine doing the same with your mind.

Unlimited cravings.

Emotions bred under false pretenses.

A distorting sense of self-righteousness.

Those are some of the major illusions we face in our world today, delusions that are the starting point of many of our mistakes. Our outlook on the world around us is the most explicit projection of who we are. Our perspectives are moulded by the ups and downs we come across during our lifetime. Each of those forming a subconscious label on all things, which play a part in how we approach situations and people. The brain being the most powerful tool and also the most important part of the human body, it is a crucial responsibility naturally posed upon us to secure the ability to manipulate our views as we receive new information seeing as to how most sources nowadays have their own ulterior motives. We need to develop the calibre to fully identify what it is we are allowing into our minds, because it only takes one new piece of data, could be an experience, a confrontation, a glance even, to distort how we reason in the future. Filtering what you take to heart is a lifetime process on its own. People’s actions always have a story behind them, regardless of what the action is. Same way love and affection could be coming from a dark place, hate and hurtful words could also be projected from a caring place. Understanding the starting point of every action is what is key.



Two of the most potent poisons that can discourse one’s life off the path of contentment, for to be free you must be at peace within yourself. Dating back to history, we as humans have built up this sense of ‘otherness’. The ‘other’, meaning not like us. With that we develop this comatose like feeling of superiority. This puts barriers on our capability to being completely juste due to the subliminal stereotypes our brains have cultivated. Demolishing that subconscious sense of ‘otherness’ is the first step towards tranquility, for whatever goes around comes around regardless of how irrelevant an injustice it may seem to you. Then self-contradiction kicks in. We live in a generation where we are all said to be equal, and most of us believe that. But how can you be equal to someone you look down on? Are you really better than the next? Matter fact, what exactly is ‘better’? Seeing as to how your better is worse to the next!.

Perfection requires a victim as well as a priest, for we are what we repeatedly do. No one can be completely perfect, but what’s a valid reason to stray so far from it?

WAKE UP!!! (Summary)

Truth is, we do not live in a fair world, we live in this one. There is absolutely no two ways about this fact. We try so hard to alter it, we start to believe “what if it could be fair” is what is reality which leads us to becoming control freaks. But bottomline is the world we live in WILL NEVER BE FAIR because it too is not perfect.

Think of it like this, in some point in time you’ve also been unfair to someone. Be it that you gave them the smaller piece of a shared chocolate bar, or taken your anger out on them because of something someone else did. We’ve all been there. Someone has to get the short end of the stick. But then again that’s among the many lessons life teaches us.

What is disappointing about the situations we face today is not just that we get the short end of the stick from time to time, but the stereotypical assumptions and judgements nurtured by frustration. A lot of different factors play into those two. The idea that everyone should be utterly competent 2 4 freaking 7, the fantasies that life is forever a rosy garden with no hurdles, the mirage that there is a perfect solution to every single human problem and become aggravated when we don’t find it, the thought that our complete happiness (and I use that word lightly) is out of our control. These are just some of the reasons why the human world today is so defensive. On top of all that you have the stereotypes that knock it up a thousand notches. “OMG he did? well i’m not surprised he’s ……”.

That sense of otherness is another thing that cages us from broadening our perspectives on anything that is not within us and our narrow minded vicinities. We become so concerned with comparing how the next person is in relation to us, & IF we were put in the same situation we wouldn’t react the way they did, how exactly are you even sure of that? Or comparing them to our standard of living, over what brand they’re wearing, what kind of make-up they got on, hell even the type of body they have comes into play. We loose sight of what is really important. Which is being humble. In order to be that you have to wake up to the fact that the information, thoughts, values, mistakes, that everyone has accumulated could be of some use to you regardless of wether you have nothing in common with them.Even the lack of common sense some possess could help you shed light on daily life problems with other people you are involved with.

All i’m saying is try and take ten steps back before taking one step towards confronting hardship and towards growth, because it’s really getting out of hand. Too many damn angry and egocentric people nowadays, for what? We keep stressing over the most basic things. We keep putting the most backwards values on pedestals and then complain when we do not have anything to show for our actions at the end of the day. Kind of like growing an endless stream of avocado trees, waiting on the day you find one avocado that has a middle part. Yes we’re only human, but come on……………………… Bout time to wake up. We all go through dilemas, some more than others. We seem to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around us as individuals but as a whole & with or without one person the world keeps operating. We see it everyday. After all, life is not a “one size fits all” and most of it is far from black and white.

One step at a time.

Don’t stress.

Positive Vibes.

“I do not choose, nor do I segregate for I do not know who will be at my funeral.”

People’s actions always have a reasoning behind them, regardless. Same way darkness could be disguised as love and affection, hate and hurtful words could also be projected from a wounded yet caring place. Understanding the starting point of every action is what is key.

Always .. ALWAYS ask “Why?”.

            – Leku!.

Blurred Lines (Intro)

I want so much  more out of this life that can’t be bought, and I’m sure, hope, I’m not alone.

Something as simple as a smile from a stranger on the streets is hard to come by. People making sure their security system is activated at the sound of a troubled neighbor. The homeless man that is spat on because he’s already ‘dirty’. Is this the world we want to live in?

What scares me is not the thought that I might never have those priceless needs fulfilled, but the fact that nothing is sacred anymore!. Sophistication, Integrity, Dignity, Self-Respect .. All gone. Why? Because they said so and made you think it’s “evolution” (therefore making it your fault). Well who are THEY?

We live in a world that has no empathy, guilt nor remorse. It’s impulsive and manipulates as well as charms its habitants with the sole intention of getting what it wants. All those are what science has said to be the traits of a sociopath. Those are the values we are governed by. That unfortunate truth is what bundles up our tomorrows into one big yesterday, nothing more than a never ending path of blurred lines, the ongoing dilema of distinguishing black from white due to so many superficial nonsense wanting to do the thinking for us. “Same shit different day” is a way of thought that has been leaned on by many merely to mask the uncertainties of the cruelties of what humanity has become. Our self confidence bruised because the next person’s intentions might be fuelled by the wrongest of principles. So we keep us caged because we would rather jump on a massive bandwagon jam-packed with sheep than to expose what is really within us. We stop when THEY yell “cut” out of the fear of not being accepted. Everyday we allow several factors to strong-arm us into unknowingly compromising a part of ourselves, and eventually we become no better than siri waiting on her next command or a button on phone.

Most people have the same dream now .. and that dream is FAME, by any means necessary. When back in the day ppl just strived to BE. LIVE. Most of us strive to follow now. If she’s not trying to be like Nicki Minaj, he’s doing all he can to be like Kim Kardashian. But do you ever stop and think who the shepard is? Or are your insecurities more important than your values, thoughts and dreams? How many of the tasteless trends have you been apart of hyping but did not really care about one bit? Knowing you’re right but being convinced you’re not is a very dangerous yet very real path we’re being led on, and that is what is detrimental to the future of our morals, hence race. Yes we must all find a middle ground in order to peacefully live on this earth together, but when you don’t know you’re compromising yourself? Beliefs? Values?….. That’s when it’s time to open up your sight, sound, smell, touch and taste to the world around you.

Just because you do not govern anyone else does not not make you a leader. We are all leaders of ourselves and are responsible for what we afflict on others.

Do not be fooled by the illusion of choice.

Understand it. Examine it. Weigh it. BELIEVE IN IT .. Then, and only then should you claim it as yours!.